Irony serves as an alibi for a fetish !! 

 I love the way i can play with your mind  you can be my good  slave or my bad  boy ..  if i decide this ..

   I love   financial domination , Glamour servitute , spoiled princess idea  and the cruel look that i can give.


Smoking ...I just love  when i  blow my   smoke into  your face  .I love using you as my ashtray  and  put the ash into your mouth  or  just let it  fall all over you .The rest will follow


Sissy sluts.. You know you need so very much to be dominated by a beautiful, strong woman as your training progresses and shapes your mind as well as your body. You will be cross-dressed and a magical forced feminization transformation will occur. I shall dress you: you will wear the most feminine lingerie, the most attractive make up and wigs, the most delightful maids’ uniforms. Every one of my beautiful preened little pink poodles succumbs to me. I will apply your make up in such a way that you just won’t recognise yourself my little sissy slut.


Torture....I am into this  so much and  from time to time i enjoy  giving  you a hard time .

Orgasm control...Well well well ..are so many things  that  could be told  regarding this but one thing is sure ...You are not allowed to cum unless i  give you the  order and unless i countdown...


Mind domination.....I always  been the type of woman who enjoy getting in men's mind and  search ,find and play.As i will go in that deep  far away place from your mind and twist it . I enjoy seeing you on the edge of  your limits ...And when i will say ,,Jump'' you Don't  ask ,,Why '' but ..,,How high ''





Maid training.....You want and need discipline so much. Discipline in service to me is all you desire, all you want to know throughout your maid training. You will be my maid, serving me and only me. I shall lead you step by step towards that service, as you give yourself to me entirely. You will treasure every moment of your maid training. Maid training will never end: because I demand perfection and no maid will ever be perfect. 

Cockholding....So many  stories .... and more will follow.....

Stockings,Leather,Latex,Pantyhose......No woman can live  without  all these ... and i enjoy showing off my power especialy when  i wear  a nice pair of stokings and a  sexy leather  dress.....Yes..I know .. Only thinking about  this  get  you   hard ....Pantyhose the luxurious feeling of nylon from the tip of your toes all the way to your waist. The delicate sensation of smooth silky nylon caressing the skin. Exciting thought isn't it!you may prefer to wear pantyhose yourself! .Don't feel shy. I understand your desire to experience the beauty of pantyhose and you will be able to indulge in this fetish freely and without inhibition within My realm.




 Tease & Denial  ...Will I allow you to climax soon? How much more can you take of being drawn so close to the edge of ecstasy, only to be denied your desperate release once more? This seductress is so close, so within reach, yet you cannot get close enough no matter how hard you try!When I have brought you to the brink over and over and over again, eventually at My discretion, I will allow you to rise one final time and force you to go over the edge which usually ends in one mindblowing and memorable eruption *happy smile*.So close ....yet  so far !
SenzoriaL   games ... Indeed a pleasure   to see u playing  on my  comands  with ice, hot oil ,cold water , clamps  and watching   porno movies that  u really  hate .
Sissy training 







You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…