My World ....Your Hope

I'm a reminder of what  you want but you can't have !

Stylish, sophisticated, refined and assuredly in control, always, do not  be lulled into a false sense of security by My sweet initial demeanour. I Am The Part Of Your life that u will never be able to turn back on .You will see and feel my smile,laugh,,desire and words , becoming addicted to my power and willing for more and more,begging me to alow u a part of my time but knowing that u must pay  for it..
 U Know To Be A Good Boy And Accept That U Feel My Power
 U Spoil Me With Gifts, Spending For My Time .. and U come in ur Knees with ur Wallet between ur teeth... be sure is Full ...otherwise ..Don't Bother if u cant afford to it
Too Cruel for Words. Too Selfish to Care. Too Beautiful to Resist. Too MUCH of a BAD Thing!
My domination style is not  only  dark ,cold and mysterious .I laugh and giggle
 when  i see how low my pigs will go.I love when i receive gifts  and  this makes me smile .I love surprised  and  i love being  treated as i deserve a Princess.. My smile lull you into your  sweet, stupid submission .I want your submission. I want your fetishes. I want your masochism. I want your tears. I want it all. As long as i am happy will be too..
 I would bring you  under my spell using my great beauty and tease you  with my perfect body wearing the tightest, shinyest latex catsuit and very high heels. I will seduce you  until you  are so hard and hypnotize you  until you  cannot think forurself anymore.  Should   will be on your knees begging for your  orgasm! But just as you   reach  the edge, I will destroy   your pleasure and laugh as you   power completely drains away leaving you  just a weak and pathetic creature on the floor crying. You will hate me ... hate me because you love me !
Woman's power lies in a man's passion ,and she knows how to use it ,  as a Goddess is one under whose lauging your tears will roll down ...Could be tears of happiness?



You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…





20/11/2016 01:14
Indeed ..  time flies ....So the night ,the star, cold weather brings closer to all of us...
15/07/2016 22:19
As i said ... i was gone with the  wind  and i am  back with  a Brexit ?...
21/06/2016 21:20
  This   is how   things   started ....when i was  born .... With a...
28/05/2016 22:09
On 1st july i am flying to London  again for 7-10 days (not sure  exactly yet )..Why ?...
16/05/2016 22:58
As i said i  come  with updates  when i have the  time  so enjoy it...
05/04/2016 01:36
Now    you can Tweet Me   also 
24/03/2016 02:09
New  hot sexy pictures in my gallery  Click on  my @ss       
16/03/2016 00:47
To buy what you so much enjoy seeing me wearing...
05/03/2016 22:52
As i was telling you   few weeks  ago .... been   for  few  days in...
16/02/2016 01:17
It is time for me to admit ... yes i do have a weakness ....TRAVELLING...I realised long time...
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