I am a beautiful foot fetish mistress just take a look at my stunningly pretty feet. I adore stockings and have a large collection of shoes and boots, many extremely stylish pairs. I love the feel of a well-made Italian high heeled leather stiletto. Perhaps I might force you to pay special attention to my polished steel spikes, making you insert them deeply into your mouth, right to the end of the heel. Sometimes a submissive slave will beg me to try on various pairs of my shoes and boots in front of them for their foot worship delight.
Look at my legs! Do u like my perfect  pedicure,deep bow of  sole,wrinkles  forming on the soles  when i walk. Yes i know u start  to feel excited watching my heel  and especialy legs veins that cross my fingers irrigating regulary,,there ..under my foot. Ready to be crushed under my feet. Ready to be the carpet  that i cleen my feet . You are sentenced to serve me and my feet because my feet are made  to obey. .And how good u feel when u serve me knowing thats i will sometimes ask u to adore  and  clean my feet !
 Foot worship and painted toes, begging to kiss my beautiful painted toes, my stocking feet. Devoted slaves may be allowed to slowly peel off my stockings to reveal my perfect, nude feet and inspect my nail polish closely before licking my feet and toes. I especially enjoy watching the expressions on the faces of my foot fetish slaves as they suck each of my polished toes individually and massage and caress my tender and soft feet. Seamed stockings, I only wear the finest and sheerest of nylon or silk stockings; they feel heavenly and satiny on my smooth, delicate and pampered skin.
 I will cover your eyes with the soles of my feet. You will quiver with delight and arousal will ensue as I force you to lick my toes, one by one. Eating dessert and sweets off my feet, many slaves are eager to watch me dip my toes in cakes and cream, strawberries and chocolate and then beg to lick them clean. It is my pleasure to force you on your knees or back to take my toes deeply into your mouth as you suck and clean them.
 You can't resist Me and my seductive delicious feet, feel how soft they are. I want only real foot slaves and worshippers who wish to spoil Me, over and over again. To look at me and my beautiful feet will have you begging for me to send you my used stockings, fabulous sexy shoes. 

You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…