All slaves (and potential slaves) are expected to offer tribute  to  show their devotion and commitment.
Also you must know that it's a way to impress me ,to show your gratittude ,to try to make me smile or simply to let me know that you are thinking of me !
Before you can be accepted as my slave, I require an initial tribute. This is just to prove your commitment and to show you are serious.
If you are accepted as one of my slaves, you are then granted services such as webcam sessions, emails, phone calls, etc.. My generosity during your session is then directly linked to the generosity of your tribute. Anyone expecting services without paying fair tribute, in advance, will not be tolerated...
Show Me how Much you Like me,Adore Me, Appreciate Me  and want Me in your Life



You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…