moron Franky

My Little Moron Franky 
...He loves me when i am greedy  and   i manipulate him to spend more time with ME than he is spending  with his girlfriend. 
He adores  giving ME everthing he has in his wallet  and  buying me gifts ...And i allow my little moron to have the honour   to give Me  everything  and  from time to time  to worship my legs   and  feet .Because isn't it ? It is not a  right .. but only a privilege  to be one  of my  slaves .
  Yes i do like  him !Why ? Because i enjoy to see how much he is trying ....He  has a little cute  moron face.With time i might like him even more ..As he  showed me  how bad he wants to progress  in making me  happy .When he acts very nice i let him masturbate ..but only from time to cum .
Some news  about My lil moron ....Finnaly  as  i was expected  his  girlfriend  found out  about how he  is spending  his money ...On ME ! The interesting part (and funny one)  is that one day  when the moron   forgot his phone   home  she tried to contact me ..asking me  to leave him alone ...As that i care about what  she ask me ! Let's  be serious ....In the  end ,  when she saw  that everything she was  trying failed , she had  to realise that from now on and until I decide to end this situation , their life with me a 3 some .... Moron ,she (girlfriend )  and ME ...How  funny is that ? More funny than this is the fact that when  my Franky buys  flowers for ME ..buys  for her  also from tiME  to time as  i told him to do so ...And in their house  are 2 bouquet of flowers ...And she knows  for who is  the second one ...As  i don't like to  talk without  proofs  below   you will see dialogs between   her and  ME , aswell photos    too...Enjoy ..By the way .. she kicked him out of their house and now  he is living in his ex wife's brother 's house 
As i said i  come  with updates  when i have the  time ...Now his GF realised  there is nothign she can do and that i am part of  His life  so much that means i am  part of her's also .What is funny  now it's the fact  that she has  no way but to accept his decision and  now she actually try to ,,deal '' with me  how to have them both ....hahahahah ...But as much as  she try much as  she fails .. because i don't like  half parts .. I want it all .. and i have it all ....I  also added some pictures with  her  dialog with Me. Mostly monolog because i ignore her 99% part of the time.
The other 1% part  i am telling  not to bother me  while i am ignoring her..The rest will follow and i ll  keep u updated ...
Stupid frank.MP4 (306966)   Enjoy   this morron in a video
Latest news about this moron ....He tried to hide things from ME ..(that's  why i always say  that there is not such a thing as a perfect slave/submissive). As u expected  i always find out  and  know things that he had no clue i knew ..And if there is something from this world he would choose not happening to him was  MY  REVENGE .Wondering what happened?
 He is living in a trailer now . Soon more pictures  as i always talk with proofs
What anyone must learn from his story ?
Don't you dare  trying to fool ME or  lie to ME  because once you do this i become Meanie  and the real play time will start  for Me.


You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…