Sissy Sophia ! As  i tought   will be much more nice  to hear her  story from   her words here it is :

"Dear slaves and sissies of Mistress Ana,
I wanna introduce myself to you. My name is Sophia, sissy slave of my adorable Mistress Ana. Mistress decided to show to all, who are interested in submission and feminization, my progress in becoming her lovely girl and how she took control of my life. You will see on the pics here, how much she will change me step by step.
Despite I was already a bit into crossdressing before I met her, all changed since the day I met Mistress Ana for the first time. This was not long time ago, but after a few chats with her, I felt addicted. My life is getting a sense and order now. Mistress decided to feminize me more and more. I can tell you my feminization made much more progress since Mistress Ana started to give me tasks. I love to fulfill all these tasks and how they make me feel more feminine. For example she made me reading women magazine's regularly now, so my thoughts and feelings will change from male into feminine ones. I also polish my nails and toes meanwhile with a transparent nail polish, wearing panties each day to feel more like a woman. Next steps will be about improvement of my hairstyle, make up and outfits. And let's see what will come in future. I am so curious, what she will do with me. And I know she will fulfill my dreams and fantasies I had since a long time.
I love to serve my Mistress in this way and I adore here since she took care of me and my life. More and more I am getting under her control, feeling her power. No day passes anymore without thinking about her. I need her so much. I am on long road now and only Mistress will know, where this road will end, how much she will feminize me. Sometimes I think there is no way back in former life anymore, because I adore so much, what she is doing with me.
I am proud to be her sissy now and I am much more proud to be owned by Mistress Ana. Most important thing in my life is to be her, to be her sissy, completely surrender and with full devotion and submission. I wish you all to make the same experiences with this adorable Goddess and maybe, who knows, one day you will be my sister, worshipping together our Mistress Ana.
Your Sophia"


You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…