Slutty Paula !                


One  of  my newest   sissy ....

Her first   task was to make hersef  cum, but only whilst wearing a full sissy outfit. That means panties/bra, stockings, dress/skirt, wig and at least lipstick + mascara. Paula  had to make herself cum but must also insert something anally (a butt plug or similar) and do so in a room where she  could  had at least one blind/curtain open (front or back of house depends on your home, but the room must have the window facing where somebody at least *might* walk past).

Today  she   wrote me this :

hello Miss Ana,

today i decided to do the task you gave me to do. i hope you do not mind but i bought some maruahana and some poppers to use so i can do better the task as you told me.

i did dress as soon as i cam home in the way i thought it was the best way to do it. i did put on my red netstockings and the black latex dress but no panties under it so i could do it more easy. i did put my high heel shoes in black laquer with little platform coz i can walk good on them. After it i took my time to put on some make up. i think you waould want me to look as a sissy so i did put on red glossy lipstick and after putting the foundation i did put false lashes and eyeshadow in dark pink with bleu. eyeliner of course as well. after it i prepared something to eat and when i ate i did smoke 2 joints while i watched a movie on tv. around eleven i was really high and i took a popper and opened the curtains so that i was exposed for people who would pass. i did put on some music from moby and went to the window. it was funny coz i thought i did it reasonable fast but finally it took me a long time to do all this. probably coz i was really high. i started to dance slowly in front of the window and strted to touch myself and started to play with my cock. he got hard resonable fast and i tried to remember all the time that you told i had to do it slowly. so i had to stop touching more then once coz i felt more and more excited. sometimes forgetting that i was exposed. then i remembered that i had to put some anal. I tokk the inflatable plug and pushed it inside and did pump it up a bit to be sure it would not go out while i was in front of the window, i felt the music of moby in me and moved on it. i am not sure after how much time but a certain moment i saw that a couple was looking at me. i felt really trapped and silly and wanted to hide but i knew you told me i may not so i turned my back to the window while i continued and after some moments i looked and saw they left. some minuts after it a man passed and saw me and he smiled and stayed looking. at that moment i was just really excited playing with my cock
it was strange but i was so high and excited that i kept going on playing with my selfbut after some time i think he saw i played with a cock under my dress and he left . i felt really stupid after some time i could not control and i did cum.  after this i felt anyway a bit like a public sissy and humiliated by these persons who were looking at me and Lucky me most people who saw me just passed and did not stop walking. anyway i was suprised that i did stay before the window for more then half an hour.

I hope i did my task correct as you wanted it ...


  Well well well .. i think she  done a  good  job ....Wonder what  i should decide her next task to  be ...




You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…