Begin with a very short but descriptive bio of yourself, what you're searching for, and ask politely if i am  interested in a conversation with you. Something  that must impress me  to take you and accept  you at my feet !
As  slave who wants to serve you should... Expect nothing in return! A slaves sole purpose is to serve! That should be reward enough.... Never complain or argue! There is nothing more annoying than a slave who whines and argues. A slave needs to know how to behave and show respect to his Domme . When in role, Stay in role! The sub should appreciate that role time is over ONLY when the Domme says so. This shows genuine servitude

Do not email Me with nonsense. I will not respond to anyone wasting My time.  Serious applications from serious potential slaves only.If you are simply wasting My time you will be ignored..

If you are asked what you like, do not reply "to be dominated". That can mean 100's of different things. If you can't take the time to be descriptive in your questions and answer, don't expect me to take the time to reply. 

Spams or  texts like : "Hello Mistress, can I be your Sub'' will be ignored !!!


Contact Me...

You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…