Gone with the wind ...i will be back with the yacht

16/02/2016 01:17

It is time for me to admit ... yes i do have a weakness ....TRAVELLING...I realised long time   ago that airports give me such a nice feeling ... such a  joy .. I always arrive before my flight with at least  2 hours  in advance so i can spend time there ...enjoying a coffe  and a meal .But most i just love to sit  and watch people going by ....to see how they  react .. how they understand the meaning of fashion...(some are  very bad with that :D ) ,their ways  of waiting ..Because i know nobody there  and nobody knows me ...It's weird and exciting in the same time . About the shops from airport ?  That goes without  saying .. i simply love it .

Why traveling ? Because i think i could  leave my entire life in nice hotels ...And i am pretty sure many of you experienced this nice feeling ...Because for me is a synonim with ,,no worries''...not that i worry  too much U are the one who must  do that right ?

This is the reason why  i travel so often .There is an entire world there to be discovered .My favorite place is London ,then Paris ... the reason ? i am pretty sure  you  already know it .But  i always go back happy to Barcelona , Berlin ,Dubai , Ankara, Istanbul , Kemer and the list  can continue ...Every city has it's own special way of beauty..Soon  i hope to enjoy Thailand with everything that place can offer ...

That's why in few  days i ll fly again to Spain ,Barcelona ... I am in such a mood to taste the lovely food  from there  and  see those nice places that city offers....so i will  say : Hola Amigo !


You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…