My Birthday

21/06/2016 21:20
This   is how   things   started ....when i was  born .... With a  Christmas night ...Who knew that your life will change because  of that night ... ? This is  the reason why you must  cherrish this  day and be gratefull ..Because  i allow  you to make me smile .. to do your best to  impress me  and  show me how much you appreciate the day i was born ...the day that allowed  you to have Me in your life ...
I' m a splendid woman but  still  half a child when it about  my birthday and gifs.
       So  go ahead ..  is not the  right time to be shy have so many ways to make me happy on My birthday ...You are allowed to send me   presents ... gift cards ....  and if you are a good boy maybe i'll let you send me flowers ...Make me  happy as you never made me before ...It is Xmas .. such a happy  holly  day !!
It’s an act of generosity and submission ..
      While   you will do your best to make me happy i will enjoy London .. as there i will  be spending Christmas / birthday ...  and New Year ....and you will gonna be happy    for me  sending me gifts ...
             Now  go and take a look to my wishlist page  and  choose something  nice ...if  you can't decide what you should pick , send me  amazon online  gift card  and  be sure i will pick up something 
Giftcards sent to
Happy holidays to All ...


You will obey !

You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
And you will Thank Me for it!
It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…