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20/09/2015 15:01
Slave  Jack ...   Chapter I
01/05/2015 13:26
The  other  days  Sophia   wrote me    some lines ...Yes   she  always  write me to  tell me about  her progres.For  now i will put here  her  words  and   soon  i will make time   to  add the pictures...
31/03/2015 20:41
Here   you may enjoy   again Sophia's  words  : Hello Mistress Ana, I dressed up again in some nice lingerie, my black neckholder, black stockings, pink high heels and this time i put full make up on me including pink nail polish on my fingers. I love meanwhile that i have...
16/03/2015 19:52
As i was telling   you , Sophia   has a new   part of her life now ...   i attach here   her latest   message  to me   so  you can see  from her  words  the new   life   she  start ....   Hello Mistress Ana, hope you...
12/03/2015 00:47
As i promised    you   here  i come with updates   about  my Sophia ...  and how   Sphia's  life is now  after  his wife   found   out her/his   secret ...  and i will  let  you see   that from her  own...
27/02/2015 03:14
Follow  the story of my new sissy Paula ...
29/01/2015 00:55
Catastrophe .....  with this  word my  Sissy  Sophia   started  some weeks  ago her email ...You wonder why .. Well  i will  let you read what  happened  to her .Here  is  what she  wrote me :,,Hello Mistress ..Today i cannot...
28/11/2014 19:41
Xmas list is ready .. so surprise me ... xmas list.rtf (634227)
18/11/2014 03:17
Now  you can breath again ...I  am   back ....even   if you know   while i was  in Paris ...i  was  always in your mind ..... read the rest here
18/11/2014 03:14
Sophia  sissy Sophia ...     She  came  to me    not knowing how things  will change   for her ..She was impressed   i  could tell by the fact that i didn't  asked  her from the fisrt minute to   slide a toy in her...
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You  will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!
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