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20/11/2016 01:14
Indeed ..  time flies ....So the night ,the star, cold weather brings closer to all of us another winter another magical Christmas ,another Birthday and  another end of year . And yes ,,,i know ..we all ( or at least the most of us ) can't wait the cozy feeling that fresh cold air brings...
15/07/2016 22:19
As i said ... i was gone with the  wind  and i am  back with  a Brexit ?  Heck  with  that ...If they don't love me .. i  do love them  so i'm going back there whenever i want ! Has been   again a lovely time ... Needed the time to just walk , relax...
21/06/2016 21:20
  This   is how   things   started ....when i was  born .... With a  Christmas night ...Who knew that your life will change because  of that night ... ? This is  the reason why you must  cherrish this  day and be gratefull ..Because  i...
28/05/2016 22:09
On 1st july i am flying to London  again for 7-10 days (not sure  exactly yet )..Why ? None of ur bussines but   i am sure  i can allow   to take a peak on the pictures i will add here from my time there   
16/05/2016 22:58
As i said i  come  with updates  when i have the  time  so enjoy it
05/04/2016 01:36
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24/03/2016 02:09
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16/03/2016 00:47
To buy what you so much enjoy seeing me wearing ....    Stokings   Panthhose   Shoes  Panties  All these you can receive  after i wear it. So you have the  smell of my skin on it ...If you are interested contact me .
05/03/2016 22:52
As i was telling you   few weeks  ago .... been   for  few  days in  Barcelona .... and   as i always like to keep my promises ..(not like  some  of  you ) i will share with  you here some moments from my  days there ...  Here...
16/02/2016 01:17
It is time for me to admit ... yes i do have a weakness ....TRAVELLING...I realised long time   ago that airports give me such a nice feeling ... such a  joy .. I always arrive before my flight with at least  2 hours  in advance so i can spend time there ...enjoying a coffe...
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